Testimonials from the Field

Rather than run local shelters, the HSUS provides a range of education and support services for them, including the nation’s largest training conference, sheltering website, and national pet adoption ad campaigns. In addition, we give local agencies the extra help they need during natural disasters and during rescues from puppy mills, dogfighting rings, and cruelty and neglect cases. Our animal rescue teams, for domesticated and wild animals, come to the aid of thousands of animals where there is no other safety net for them.

Here’s what some of the animal rescue groups, shelters, law enforcement officials and other organizations had to say about their experiences working with the HSUS.

Law Enforcement

Sally Garland, Mayor, Crystal Springs, Mississippi

“The City of Crystal Springs is so thankful the Humane Society of the United States came down here to help us rescue the cats from a terrible situation. We are so impressed with the commitment, organization, planning and preparedness of the HSUS. What we are doing not only helps the animals, but the person who was struggling to meet their needs.” (January 2023)

Wayne Risner, Sheriff, Ashland County, Ohio

“We deeply appreciate the Humane Society of the United States for assisting us with the rescue and treatment of these animals that they need and deserve. We take great pride in taking care of the animals in our community and the assistance of the HSUS allowed us to intervene without causing a burden on our community’s resources,” said Sheriff Wayne Risner. (November 2022)

Ron Seals, Sheriff, Sevier County, Tennessee
“The HSUS provided valuable assistance to my department during a recent dogfighting case in which we rescued 53 dogs and arrested three people. The HSUS provided animal cruelty experts, arranged a temporary shelter and supplied kennels, medical care and food, all at no cost. We look forward to working with them in the future, if needed.”

“I would like this opportunity to express my appreciation for the valuable assistance that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) provided my department during the recent turn of events involving the “SIN CITY KENNELS” in Sevier County…It was very comforting to know that once we started the investigation, that the HSUS provided my department with animal cruelty experts to help us achieve the end results. We were very fortunate to have their assistance in providing a the place that a temporary shelter could be set up, provided kennels for the building, medical service were provided for the dogs and the necessary nourishment was provided to bring them out of their undernourished condition. All of the services were provided at no cost to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office by HSUS.”

National Sheriffs Association on its partnership with the HSUS
“We are proud to work with The Humane Society of the United States because of their expertise on illegal animal cruelty and fighting and frequent collaboration with law enforcement in pursuing those crimes. The HSUS has provided free training to tens of thousands of law enforcement officials across the country on how to investigate illegal animal cruelty and its connection with crimes against people. ” Read their full statement here.

Andy Hughes, Sheriff, Houston County, Alabama
“There is no way that we could have undertaken an investigation of this magnitude without the help of The HSUS. They brought in personnel and resources that we didn’t have access to, and their assistance was a tremendous help to us in this case.” (March 2011)

Dave Lucas, Sheriff, Belmont County, Ohio
Sheriff Lucas presented plaques of commendation to the HSUS for their assistance in a massive animal neglect case.
“I mean it’s unbelievable the hours, the work and the volunteers and also the money and resources they’ve [HSUS] put into this.”

Scott R. Jones, Sheriff, Sacramento County, California
“In the end, [HSUS’s] expertise and hard work paid off with what many believe to be the largest dogfighting bust in the history of the United States.”

Chief Robert Alcon, Mayflower Police Department, Arkansas
“The people [The HSUS] are some of the most dedicated individuals to their jobs I have ever met in my 28 year career. They put themselves in great peril to do a job that most would never even consider. My fellow Officers I would ask each one of you to take that second look at an animal complaint and give it the attention it deserves and knowing that you’re doing the right thing.”

Shelters and Humane Groups

Vermont Humane Federation
In recognizing outgoing Vermont Humane Federation president—and HSUS Northeast regional director—Joanne Bourbeau for her five terms at the organization’s helm, incoming president Mary Taylor remarked, “Joanne’s depth of knowledge of animal welfare issues, compassion for animals and commitment to our humane community is unrivaled, and it’s thanks to her vision and leadership that VHF is well positioned to meet current and future challenges.”

Jo Staats, founder, W.Va. Pit Bull Haven and Pit Bull Preservation Society of W.Va.
“When a dogfighting bust takes place, The HSUS provides unlimited and invaluable resources to ensure that all the dogs (whether it’s 10 or 1,000) will receive every chance. The staff is filled with people who sacrifice their personal lives traveling all over the country to ensure animals who are used for the most perverse human activities are no longer left in the hell they’ve endured. But even more importantly, they provide law enforcement with information, direction and continued assistance so the agencies are better equipped to not only investigate and prosecute, but to proactively discourage that type of criminal behavior in their communities in the first place.”

Robin Starr, forer CEO, Richmond SPCA
In her blog, Robin Starr wrote about the work of the HSUS, and why front groups funded by animal abuse interests attack that work. “The work of the HSUS and the work of the Richmond SPCA and the work of thousands of other national and local humane organizations all over this country are all essential to achieving success at ending the abuse and needless loss of life of innocent animals. The work of each of these organizations is unique and, together, we all weave a whole coordinated effort to do all we can to protect the animals who need our protection so much.” Read the full piece here.

Nonprofit Leaders

Steve Nardizzi, former CEO, Wounded Warrior Project
Steve Nardizzi wrote on the issue of charity regulators targeting nonprofits for political purposes, and looked specifically at the case of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s attack on the HSUS, saying that “The Oklahoma Farm Bureau opposes The HSUS’s efforts to end cockfighting and intensive confinement of animals on factory farms, which it has every right to do. However, instead of debating those issues, it has duplicitously taken on The HSUS’s fundraising costs with the help of a publicly elected government office in Attorney General Pruitt.” Read the full piece here.