Misdirection: Investments

Misdirection: “The HSUS socks away money in Caribbean hedge funds.”

Truth: Consistent with its responsibilities and its objectives as a social change organization, the HSUS invests its funds wisely to get the best returns, to guarantee its ability to wage and win the biggest fights to protect animals, fights that can frequently be costly. The organization’s pursuit of a diverse portfolio—one that spreads risk and increases returns, and one that includes lawful investments outside of the United States—serves that purpose alone. It is common for non-profit groups to seek the financial benefits of such investments. Any attempt to cast the organization’s investment strategy as nefarious is deliberately misleading, and emanates from opponents of the HSUS who have the most to lose from our campaigns against puppy mills, animal fighting, fur ranching, factory farming, trophy hunting and other interests. All of the funds the HSUS receives, and all that it invests, are marshaled and spent with the single purpose of fighting the big fights to end suffering for all animals.

Who’s spreading the attacks: Big agribusiness front groups (HumaneWatch, The Center for Consumer Freedom, Protect the Harvest, The Cavalry Group, United Horsemen). Our attackers favor factory farming, puppy mills, seal killing and horse slaughter. They would rather we didn’t have any resources to fight these cruelties.