Misdirection: Salaries

Misdirection: “The Humane Society of the United States puts millions of dollars into pension plans and overpays its staff.”

Truth: Like any responsible employer, the HSUS is committed to treating its staff fairly. We employ hundreds of employees and believe in paying them a living wage. Our health care and retirement plans are in line with those of other non-profit organizations.

Our independent board of directors sets compensation for officers and executives of the HSUS. Directors serve as volunteers and receive no compensation. We are determined to attract and retain the best global talent available in order to be the most effective at preventing cruelty and protecting all animals.

Who’s spreading the attacks: Big agribusiness front groups (HumaneWatch, The Center for Consumer Freedom, Protect the Harvest, The Cavalry Group, United Horsemen). Our attackers favor factory farming, puppy mills, trophy hunting and horse slaughter over the humane treatment of animals. Their real gripe is that they don’t believe there should be a professional staff working to fight these abuses.