Misdirection: Investments

Misdirection: The HSUS socks away money in Caribbean hedge funds.

Truth: We invest our funds to get the best possible return, and put the return toward the biggest fights to protect animals. Some of those funds are global. We are a tax-exempt organization, so the idea that we would seek out countries with certain tax implications is just absurd.

As with other large nonprofits, our investments include stocks and mutual funds. They reflect the fiscal prudence and long-term outlook of an organization fighting the biggest and most intractable cruelties of our time.

Who’s spreading the attacks: Big agribusiness front groups (HumaneWatch, The Center for Consumer Freedom, Protect the Harvest, The Cavalry Group, United Horsemen). Our attackers favor factory farming, puppy mills, seal killing and horse slaughter. They would rather we didn’t have any resources to fight these cruelties.