Humane Farming Association

Humane Farming Association fights for status quo for farm animals, allying itself with the beef and pork industries in that is tries to kill many of our efforts to protect farm animals. Brad Miller, CEO of HFA, spent most of the 1990s and the first decade of this century attacking Farm Sanctuary, another highly reputable organization fighting factory farming. Within the last decade, Miller has focused his attacks on The Humane Society of the United States (The HSUS) – at the very same time that we were amassing our biggest advances against the industrialization of agriculture.

Fast Facts:

  • HFA has fundraised for battery cage status quo
  • HFA has never supported any anti-factory farming campaign that’s been placed on a ballot
  • While California is HFA’s home state, the group refused to support Prop 2 (the groundbreaking campaign to ban battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates), instead choosing to remain neutral and allow the rest of the animal movement to fight the agribusiness industry.
  • In similar anti-factory farming ballot campaigns measures in Arizona, Ohio, and Florida, HFA was a bystander while other groups such as HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, and Mercy For Animals shouldered the burden of advancing farm animals’ interests.
  • HFA even opposed successful efforts to ban the sale and production of foie gras in California, which took effect in July 2012. HFA not only opposed the measure to outlaw this hideous factory farming practice that causes extreme animal suffering; in fact, Miller’s organization took out advertisements against the bill urging its defeat.
  • While HFA condemns farm animal protection bills that it thinks don’t go far enough, it has never taken part in any campaign that has succeeded in banning any farm animal confinement practice anywhere. 

HFA opposed the efforts of The HSUS and numerous groups who pushed for legislation that would provide a national standard to improve the lives of all hens in the nation.

H.R. 3798-S. 3239
  • HFA’s alarmist claim that this legislation “would preempt state anti-cruelty laws as it pertains to the treatment of laying hens” is false. While the measure would set national standards for space, state cruelty laws concerning torture, abuse, and the denial of veterinary care would still apply to the nation’s egg producers in those few states where such laws currently apply. The federal bill would amend the Egg Products Inspection Act, which deals with the sale of eggs, not with state cruelty laws.
  • As to setting a national space standard for space, HFA is creating the illusion that states are lining up to ban cages for laying hens. In reality, HFA has never even proposed, let alone helped to enact, a law on this topic anywhere. The vast majority of U.S. egg-laying hens live in states where we have no pathway to provide them with any legal protection whatsoever (i.e., there’s no ballot measure option and little political will among lawmakers in those states).